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Benioff Talks Season 2

Hollywood.TV caught up with executive producer David Benioff and his wife Amanda Peet at the Writers Guild of America Awards, where the show was nominated in the Best Drama Series and the Best New Series categories. Benioff apparently expected that this wasn’t Game of Thrones‘s year, from the sounds of it—and he was right, as Breaking Bad and Homeland took those awards, respectively. However, he was in a cheerful mood, as was Peet (who seems to have used marital privilege to get a look at the season already—or at least the scripts!) and he shared some thoughts on the second season:

Nothing really new here, as such, but Benioff does think this season will look even better than last season, and he feels the actors have had more time to get their characters and push them to another level. Amanda Peet focused on just how “tortuously suspensful” it was in her remarks, and claimed it was a problem in their marriage, which one could certainly understand! Benioff was also asked about faithfulness to the series, and he indicates that it’s still very much George’s world and story and characters, though of course, as an adaptation some changes need to take place, and they’ve moved some thing from later in the series into this season.