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UPDATED: A New Day, a New Clue

George R.R. Martin has a new clue posted, as promised, and by the title… well, we’re going to guess this is for the role of Pyat Pree, one of the warlocks of Qarth, going off the speculation that the Qartheen for the series may not be so homogeneous as they are in the books. Here’s the title and text:

A Light Shade of Pale

Thrice nominated, once victorious. A double threat. He wrote the script for his own wedding. Has struggled against the Spider’s sort, taken on Santa, caught a tiger by his tail. Never reads the same book twice. Last seen dancing home.

Now to start pondering!

UPDATE: Via Twitter, we were pointed to Irish actor Michael McElhatton, and if that guess right, were going to join everyone else and suppose that this clue is about Roose Bolton and, in this case, is referring to that character’s very pale eyes. He appeared in the film The Tiger’s Tail, wrote and starred in the eponymous Fergus’s Wedding (thereby making him a “double threat” as an actor and a writer), appeared in The Santa Incident, and Wikipedia states he’s been nominated for the Irish Film and Television Awards three times, winning once (in fact, he’s been nominated four times for acting and twice for writing). As to dancing home, his latest role is in the film Shadow Dancer. We’re not sure about his not reading the same book twice, but he seems to match up very well otherwise…

Oh, and it’s definitely for Roose Bolton—we were stuck looking for a role that fit “same book twice”, missing the very obvious fact that Roose Bolton makes a rather similar statement. Thanks to our commenters for noting that.