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A Peek at Blackwater

HBO has sent out two preview images… and unusually, one of them is not for the next episode, “The Prince of Winterfell”, but also for the penultimate episode of the season, the George R.R. Martin-penned, “Blackwater”.

The image to the right features Varys—who has been absent for the last few episodes—speaking with Tyrion in episode 8 as Tyrion seems to be examining a very topical book about the history of sieges in Westeros. Not a tome described in the novels (should have been a tattered, partial manuscript of Ayrmidon’s Engines of War!)

And the more notable image, that of Bronn with a longbow (!) preparing to send a firey arrow… somewhere. What’s going on? No idea. However, we may be getting a hint on May 27, 10:01 Pacific / May 28, 1:01 am Eastern, because it looks like a special preview for “Blackwater” will be airing at that time. Exciting!