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Actor Supports 550 Challenge

We’ve spoken previously of the ALS ice bucket challenge finding a number of Game of Thrones actors and crew members (since that post, Emilia Clarke has joined in the fun), but it’s not the only effort out there to raise awareness for a serious issue. Actor Joe Dempsie, who has played Gendry on Game of Thrones, has stepped up with a video in support of the 550 challenge. In brief, Scope is a UK-based organization that attempts to raise awareness on issues related to disability in Britain.

Here’s Dempsie and a group of fellow supporters of Scope, performing their challenge and discussing what it’s all about:


Here’s what Scope has to say:

Life costs more if you’re disabled - £550 extra a month on average. It could be anything from transport to get out and about, to an adapted knife and fork so you can eat. These costs are holding too many people back from living their lives. This has to change. And it starts with getting the word out.

Let’s get people talking about the extra £550 average costs disabled people face each month by doing fun, creative 550-themed things to raise awareness. Maybe it’s making a big 550 sign with friends, decorating a t-shirt, or, like Joe, playing a sport for 5 minutes 50, whatever you like with 550.

Take a picture or video and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #550Challenge – To find out more visit here.

Scope is a charity based in the UK that exists to make the country a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.