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First Glimpses of Season 4 on Vine

The social media platform of the moment, Vine, is playing host to five “Vines”—very short videos—from HBO, featuring moments from season 4! You can find the official videos all gathered at the Game of Thrones Vine page, but here’s a taste, with some brief comments—note it contains spoilers!

Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch against Tormund Giantsbane and the wildlings, it looks like… although on further examination, I think we’re actually seeing two quite separate scenes: a wildling attack, but Jon Snow & co. are, I suspect, fighting the deserters at or near Craster’s Keep, a plot turn that has been hinted at by various leaks from the set.
Our best look yet at Pedro Pascal as the Red Viper of Dorne, Prince Oberyn Martell. Can’t say I love the wuxia acrobatics of it, and the lack of the shield that plays such a neat role in Martin’s version of the story, but we can see that they’re clearly playing to the idea of the swift, dangerous Red Viper against the huge, powerful Mountain that Rides. We’ve been told that Pascal’s terrific as the Red Viper, so I’ll be looking forward to his performance.
And here are Stannis’s men riding down the wildlings in the nick of time. This is surely from the penultimate episode of the season, directed by Neil “Blackwater” Marshall.