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Game of Thrones Display in NYC

This morning, HBO’s GameOfThrones account tweeted that the HBO Shop on 6th Avenue & 42nd had a new display window featuring costumes, banners, and other items from Game of Thrones. We can see costumes belonging to Littlefinger, Cersei, what we suppose to be Jon (or a Night’s Watch recruit, anyways), and what we’re supposing to be Ned. Banners we can make out are Arryn, Clegane, what we assume to be the Mallister eagle, and a somewhat different design for the Greyjoys.

If you live in the area, make sure to drop by and check it out. And maybe pop inside, see what GoT memorabilia they have on sale, and maybe ask if they know about what’s going to be coming to the shop in the near future…

Edited to Add: In a new post at “Not a Blog”, GRRM shares some great pictures of the display, both outside and inside the store. Kingsguard armor, the Hound’s helmet, dragon eggs, and more!