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Game of Thrones Moves On to Iceland

With filming in Morocco a wrap, it’s time for the last leg of season 3 filming for HBO’s Game of Thrones. And where else, but not-so-sunny Iceland,

Via RÚV, we learn that filming is set to begin in the area of Kalfaströnd (seen in the image to the right, though rather earlier in the year) in the area of Mývatn. 270 cast and crew members are involved, including approximately 70 local extras. The article also seems to suggest that Dimmuborgir (what a terrific name—makes me think of Tolkien’s Dwimorberg) was being considered as an additional shooting location, although line producer Snorri Þórisson of local production company Pegasus Pictures believes this unlikely due to there being too much vegetation.

Þórisson adds at the end that there’s been talk of the production coming back to Iceland for a prospective fourth season.

Additional photos of the Myvátn region can be found over at Reykjavik Travel.

[Image Source: Klasar at Kálfaströnd / timandkris / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0]