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Game of Thrones to Go

As we’ve previoiusly reported, HBO is making great strides in expanding the coverage of HBO GO—its online, subscriber-only streaming service—among cable providers, and it’s recently been announced that Suddenlink and (most recently) Comcast Xfinity now also offer the HBO GO service. This means that fans of Game of Thrones and many other shows (HBO’s placed over 1400 titles on the service so far) will be able to stream the show from their computers.

Now the L.A. Times expands on a recent report which claimed that there’ll be an early premiere of a Game of Thrones episode on HBO GO.  The article explains that on Monday, HBO GO apps for Android and Apple iOs devices would be launching which would allow subscribers to access HBO GO on a mobile platform (note: the iOs app is already available). The article goes on to note:

Later this spring, HBO will make the unprecedented move to premiere an episode of its new hit “Game of Thrones” on the tablet device before it appears on its television channel. The cable network is counting on fans becoming social media apostles for its shows. With a touch of the pad, viewers can alert their Facebook friends that they are watching a program on HBO Go.