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Hollywood Reporter on the Emmy Chances

The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Appelo has an article giving five reasons why Game of Thrones might win Emmys… although we note the last one is more about why it might win Emmys a year or two from now, as opposed to winning them this year.

All in all, it’s an interesting piece, and has some great quotes (including actress Mary Kay Place emphasizing how interesting the show is).

We think the newness of the show and the very firm genre presence of it will likely preclude much attention at the Emmys outside of technical categories, but we could see a couple of nominations heralding the notion that the voting members have taken notice of the series. One other thing we might note is the fact that the report makes much of the overall average viewership per episode (8.3 million). While this is certainly impressive, we’re not sure how fair it is to compare to shows from 2006 when On Demand options were, so far as we know, more limited than they are now. It’s quite clear that the majority of Game of Thrones viewers are seeing the show through On Demand, which probably was not an option at the time that Deadwood was on the air.