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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones Due in September

Back in March, we reported the fact that HBO, in collaboration with Chronicle Books, was publishing Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones (Pre-order: Amazon US, Amazon UK) which would provide an in-depth, insider’s view (thanks in part to being written by series writer and story editor Bryan Cogman) into the making of the series.

Now, more previews have appeared since we provided the very first look into the book back in May.

First up, EW had an exclusive preview which features George R.R. Martin‘s preface. But more substantially, HBO has now released a video providing glimpses of what it will contain. Lots of production art is in evidence, and certainly the book will spend a good deal of time looking at art, costumes, weapons, armor, sets, and more… but it’ll feature a whole lot more, including never-before-seen photos, interviews with members of the cast, and more.