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James Cosmo in Pennsylvania

James Cosmo, who plays Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, paid a visit to an old acquaintance to wish them happy birthday. The Beaver County Times provides a report, and it’s what you’d largely expect from a local paper… but we do have a couple of remarks concerning Game of Thrones:

The 62-year-old actor already has moved on to a new HBO medieval-fantasy drama, “Game of Thrones” where he’ll play the lord in charge of an army of knights that guard a protective ice wall in a land where winters last 10 years. Cosmo is confident “Game of Thrones” will be a hit.

“It’s pretty violent, and pretty sexy, with lots of political intrigue,” Cosmo said. “They conjure up a wonderful world. It’s got a ‘Lord of the Rings’ mythical quality to it, but there’s horror elements and zombies and lots of swords and horses.”