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Lord Greyjoy is Hunted

One of the interesting things about acclaimed HBO shows such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Deadwood are the way that actors from one HBO production might appear in another one down the line. Recent examples include Dominic Chianese, who played Junior Soprano, has a small role on Sopranos-alumni Terence Winter’s Boardwalk Empire or Kim Dickens, Deadwood‘s Joanie Stubbs, as Treme‘s struggling chef Janette Desautel.

Patrick Malahide in Cinemax's primetime drama series HUNTED. Credit: Giles Keyte/Cinemax

So it’s no great surprise that Game of Thrones actors are appearing… although, strangely, they’re not presently appearing on HBO shows, but instead on shows from HBO’s sister-channel, Cinemax. The trend was started by the excellent action-thriller series Strike Back, with no less than three actors—Iain Glen, Liam Cunningham, and recently Charles Dance—appearing on the show.

But now the newest Cinemax action series, Hunted, has its own actors from Game of Thrones making an appearance: Stephen Dillane is a regular, in the role of Rupert Keel… and now Patrick Malahide, who had a brief but memorable appearance in the second season in the role of Lord Balon Greyjoy, is playing a significant role.

Yep, that’s the dapper fellow in the photo. But it looks like the role that he’s playing is more menacing than meets the eye—not a great surprise for the actor who played the Lord Reaper of Pyke—according to this brief clip from Hunted‘s next episode:

Episode 4, featuring Malahide, airs tonight at 10PM.