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Mark Gatiss on Game of Thrones

Last night, James Hibberd at EW revealed another exclusive scoop: British actor Mark Gatiss—perhaps best known to fans in the US as Mycroft Holmes on the BBC’s Sherlock, which he happens to also be co-creator of—is joining the cast of Game of Thrones. But the role… well, that’s a mystery, apparently. Hibberd notes that Gatiss will be at San Diego Comic-Con to take part in Sherlock‘s first ever panel at the convention, a panel he himself is moderating, so he’s hoping there’ll be news there… but there’s always the chance that Gatiss will be brought out as a surprise guest at the Game of Thrones panel on Friday, so we’ll have to wait and see.

What role could Gatiss play? The most significant male characters as yet unannounced as being cast are Mace Tyrell and the Magnar of Thenn, but there’s a number of other roles—including the interesting notion of recasting the Bowen Marsh from the first season to give Jon Snow an additional foil on the Wall—where he might well fit.