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Neil Marshall to Direct Pivotal S2 Episode

Following the news listing all five directors for this season, George R.R. Martin has followed up with a post focused on the latest director to join the directorial team, Neil Marshall. Martin is clearly a big fan of his work, calling his The Descent possibly the best horror film o the last twenty years.

But it’s not just to praise him that Martin has commented—it’s to reveal that Marshal will be directing the episode titled, “Blackwater”, written by Martin himself. Suffice it to say, this is a big, pivotal effort, and a director of Marshall’s experience may just be the thing to bring it to the screen.

In an unrelated note, after digging around a little, we’ve learned that director Alan Taylor (who directed the well-received final two episodes of the first season) is still set to direct four episodes. With Marshall taking episode nine, that leaves five episodes for three directors.