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New Casting Clue

It’s been awhile, but as Martin writes, “once more into the breach”! Here’s the clue:

Vengeance is his. Frankenstein and Nessie are friends of his, but don’t say he’s never been human… but was he Irish or Eskimo? Born in Scotland, that we know. He’s been a fisherman, a minister, an inspector, and a malingerer. Down the slippery slope he slides, toward the kingdom of bones, but will he lose his head?

So, a Scottish actor, a list of roles, and I’m guessing some hints as to what that particular role is. Have at it!

UPDATED: Linda and I have done some sleuthing, and we think it’s John Stahl. Been in Loch Ness, in a play based on Frankenstein, “The Kingdom of Bones”, “The Slipper Slope”, and “The Malingerer” are episodes of various TV shows he’s appeared on, he’s Scottish, has played an inspector, and a fisherman (in Loch Ness), and a minister as well. As to the role, bits of the clue make me wonder if they haven’t bumped Lord Karstark up to a full-on role… but otherwise, the only other character that really comes to mind at the moment is Qhorin Halfhand.