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Ron Perlman Talks Game of Thrones

Everyone’s been talking about Salman Rushdie’s remarks in which he opines that The Wire “is just a police series” and that Game of Thrones is “well-produced trash” (hey, everyone’s got an opinion—but do read the whole interview, it’s an excellent conversation) ... but on a happier note, geek favorite actor Ron Perlman was interviewed at the Scream Awards by Access Hollywood’s Jolie Lash, and she got him to make some remarks on former Beauty and the Beast colleagues George R.R. Martin and new-to-Game of Thrones actor Roy Dotrice.

See the video below!

Perlman’s busy with Sons of Anarchy, which was just picked up for its fifth season… but it’d be amazing to have him on board Game of Thrones. Years ago, when asked what actors he had in mind for roles, Martin stated that he envisioned Ron Perlman in the role of Sandor Clegane. That boat has sailed, but looking at characters for upcoming seasons (*knock on wood*), the Magnar of Thenn, Tormund Giantsbane, or Victarion Greyjoy could all be up this versatile actor’s alley.