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Rorge and Biter Clues

Via George R.R. Martin’s “Not a Blog” come fresh casting clues, and we can say it’s pretty clear that these deal with the casting of the roles of Rorge and Biter. Glimpsed briefly in Arya’s final appearance in the finale, at the time the two characters were played by extras, but it seems actors have been found to fill the role this second season. One half of the pairs we already suspect refer to actor Andy Beckwith, who has been rumored (thanks to his agency CV) to be in the role of Rorge this past week. We can eliminate some of the clues as dealing with him because of this—Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean), Nark (The Sins), Corporal (Corporal Carter in Dinotopia), Barman (Terry the Barman in Tabloid TV).

This leaves Bully, Dead Man, Potato, and Gash for the other actor. Hrm…