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Season 2 Soundtrack Details

UPDATE: It looks like the soundtrack is already available for download at iTunes (if you’ve an account with the US store, in any case).

Thanks to Film Music Reporter, we’ve the full track listing for the Game of Thrones Season 2 soundtrack (Preorder at Amazon: US, UK), which has been pushed back to a June 19th release date.

Here’s the full list… and there’s some vague spoilers in here, so beware:

  • 1. Main Title (1:46)
  • 2. The Throne Is Mine (3:15)
  • 3. What Is Dead May Never Die (2:06)
  • 4. Warrior Of Light (3:03)
  • 5. Valar Morghulis (2:59)
  • 6. Winterfell (2:42)
  • 7. Qarth (2:11)
  • 8. Wildfire (3:39)
  • 9. I Am Hers, She Is Mine (2:17)
  • 10. Pyat Pree (2:12)
  • 11. Don’t Die With A Clean Sword (3:22)
  • 12. We Are The Watchers On The Wall (2:37)
  • 13. Pay The Iron Price (2:32)
  • 14. One More Drink Before The War (2:05)
  • 15. House Of The Undying (5:02)
  • 16. Stand And Fight (2:04)
  • 17. The Old Gods And The New (2:38)
  • 18. Mother Of Dragons (2:34)
  • 19. I Will Keep You Safe (2:17)
  • 20. The Rains Of Castomere† Performed by The National (2:23)
  • 21. Three Blasts (2:40)

Yes, “The Rains of Castamere” is misspelled, and yes, we’ve seen to it that HBO has been notified just in case that can be fixed. Most notable about it is the fact that it seems we’ll be getting a rendition of the song by the indie rock band The National. We’re guessing that if it appears on the show, it’ll be an end credits thing rather than somehow shoe-horning them into an actual episode!