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Season Finale Contest

We’ve gotten our winner for our 7” Iron Throne contest... but for the final episode of the season, we have an ever grander prize, once more courtesy of the amazing folks at :

This depiction of Tyrion Lannister at the Blackwater was a moment that David Benioff and Dan Weiss specifically suggested to Dark Horse as a possible subject for a statue, and is the first full-figure statue that they have produced for Game of Thrones. Standing 10” tall, the statue is actually part of a limited edition series of just 3,000 figures. Future statues will include Jon Snow with Ghost and a White Walker.

How do you win? This one is easy: follow us on and spread the word about this contest by including the #GoTTyrion hash-tag and linking to this post! We’re thinking that if we cross the 30,000 follower mark, we’ll be offering up an additional prize that some might find pretty interesting in its own right…

And yes, the Tyrion statue prize contest can be entered from any country in the world—it is not US only! (The second prize may or may not be available overseas, so we can’t promise that one will be available to an international entry.) We’ll decide the winner—or winners—come Monday after the final episode, “Mhysa”.