Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Strong Ratings for Game of Thrones

Despite the breaking news that likely impacted the viewership of HBO’s Game of Thrones in other time zones (the East Coast managed to be finished just before word started to get out that an announcement was pending), James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly has broken the news that the third episode scored 2.4 million viewers—up about 10% from last week—and added an additional 700,000 at its 11PM encore to reach the 3.1 million mark in total, again, 200,000 better than last week’s 2.9 million mark.

Hibberd also adds that the premiere has risen to 8.7 million views in total, via all HBO platforms such as On Demand and HBO GO.

At the same time, good news in the U.K., as Game of Thrones holds steady, dropping only a very small amount to 510,000 viewers, which is on the top end for Sky Atlantic.