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HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Visual Effects Society Awards Nominations

The list of awards shows that have placed HBO’s Game of Thrones on their short list is as long as my arm at this point. But here’s one more: the Visual Effects Society announced the nominees for their awards, and in the broadcast categories the show did quite well, pulling in three nominations; the leading show was sibling Boardwalk Empire, with four.

Here’s the categories in which it’s nominated:

  • Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program: Winter is Coming (Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, Angela Barson, Ed Bruce, Adam McInness)
  • Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial: Fire and Blood (Henry Badgett, Mark Brown, Rafael Morant, James Sutton)
  • Outstanding Created Environment in a Broadcast Program or Commercial: “The Icewall” (Markus Kuha, Dante Harbridge Robinson, Damien Mac, Fani Vassiadi)

Congratulations to all the special effects people involved. In particular, Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor of Blue Bolt VFX and Ed Bruce of Screen Scene, who both took the time to talk with us about the work of their companies on the show. Below you’ll find some VFX breakdowns from both companies: