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Limited Feast for Crows News

Bill from Subterranean Press has dropped by the board to share some exciting news regarding the limited edition of A Feast for Crows, with illustrations provided by Thomas Canty. For those who don’t have time to check the board, here’s what he’s written.

1. Tom Canty expects to be done with all of the art by the end of January, or early February. At this point, it is planned that the endsheets will be a map. George has already signed the signature pages. Tom will do so as soon as he sends me hi rez versions of the already completed art, so we can begin designing the book. He’ll also remarque the signature pages at that time.

2. For ASoS, as a bonus item to those who ordered early, we offered a set of bookmarks, one signed by GRRM and one signed by Charles Vess. This time, the bonus item will be a chapbook of Tom’s rough sketches, and perhaps a few of the final ones the roughs led to.

3. We’ve also made arrangements to acquire a certain number of the original illos Tom is doing, and will raffle them. Folks who preorder by a certain date—to be announced later—will be eligible to win.

4. Once Tom has turned in his art, we plan to contact the next artist, and see if he’s willing to start on DANCE while George is writing it, so, with luck, we’ll be simultaneous with the trade edition.