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Abraham and Patterson on Ice and Fire Comic

We’ve a brief comment from author Daniel Abraham regarding today’s announcement that he’ll be writing the adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire to a comic book series for Dynamite Entertainment and Bantam Books:

“I’ve been lucky enough to adapt some of George’s other work—Fevre Dream and Skin Trade—and it seems I did a god enough job he’d trust me with the baby.  I’m living close enough to George that we can go grab lunch and talk over any issues I have in the translation, so I’m feeling very comfortable with the process.  We have the same vision for the project.  Ideally, the readers will see George’s work and the artist’s interpretation, and I’ll be pretty much invisible.”

Abraham’s an exceptional author in his own right, with his Long Price Quartet being one of the best, under-appreciated fantasy series of the last decade, while his forthcoming The Dragon’s Path—the first in an epic fantasy series published by Orbit in the UK—is one of our most anticipated novels of 2010.

We also found that Tommy Patterson can be found on Twitter. We congratulated him and asked him what work of his he would recommend for those who’d like to see his best work to date, and here’s what he said:

“thanks! It’s a big universe I’m joining. Tales From Wonderland: The White Knight and Red Rose from Zenescope are my best so far”

Both of the comics are available at Zenescope’s store, by the looks of it. Also on Twitter, we saw that he mentioned that when he was in the running for the job, he spent quite a lot of time practicing drawing wolves, horses, and landscapes. He says he plans to get his own website up soon, which should provide ample opportunity to get more looks at his best art.

In related news, over at “Not a Blog”, George was asked about “The Mystery Knight”, the third Dunk & Egg novella published in Warriors. The previous Dunk & Egg stories were previously adapted, with art by Mike S. Miller and script by Ben Avery, and GRRM has confirmed his desire for the story to be adapted to comic form, and with the same creative choice if he has any say (and, according to him, he has quite a lot of say). Good news for fans of the further adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall and his squire Egg!