The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Attention Owners of the AGoT Limited Edition

GRRM has passed on a list of people who haven’t fully signed up for their limited edition of Clash of Kings after buying the Game of Thrones edition. If any of these people want to buy ACoK and retain the same number/letter as for their AGoT edition, they need to get in touch with Meisha Merlin to sign up for a copy, otherwise their number/letter will be made available for others to purchase.

Aastrup, Christian : Ithica, NY Alvarez, Vince : Sanford, FL Antipin, Dimitri : Kent, UK Ashby, Steward : Floyd Knobs, IN Bardagy, Robert : Rosemont, IL Blair, Benjamin : Chicago, IL Boehm, Aaron : Middletown, OH Bowman, Corey : Warrensburg, MO Butler, John : Sausalito, CA Chapman, Gregory : Pawcatuck, CT Curtis, River : Monroe, WA de Angeli, Nicola : No address Dowbyhuz, David : Quebec, Canada Elkins, Aaron : No address Eskey, Cliff : No address Fitzgerald, Patrick : Waterford, Ireland Freeman, Christy : Hillsborough, NJ Godwin, Andy : Woodstock, GA Green, Jason : No address Haas, Lawrence : Olympia, WA Handen, Shelley : Wynnewood, PA Hertzberg, Mark : West Chicago, IL Hertzeler, Terry : San Diego, CA Hobbs, Andrew : North Richmond, TX Homburg, Philip : NS, Canada Jones, Casey : Wytheville, VA Jones, Matt : Victoria, Australia Joyner, Coy : Pflugerville, TX Joyner, Paul : Madison, CT Kaiser, Donald : Minneapolis, MN Keating, William : Chicago, IL Korogodski, Leonid : Chestnut Hill, MA Leff, Brian : Encino, CA Lettunich, Marty : Saratoga, CA Li, Yuan/Denny : Brooklyn, NY Ljungberg, Thomas : Halland, Sweden Llinas, Danny : Miramur, FL Lurie, Perrianne : Harrisburg, PA Major, Clay : Sterling, VA Mariani, John : Cambridge, MA Matr, Robert : Ontario, Canada Mitchell, Don : Bellevue, WA Morgan, Billy : College Station, TX Myers, Glenn/Wayne : Middletown, PA Noonan, Daniel : Danbury, CT Nowicki, Jack : Darien, IL O’Neal, Timothy : Auckland, NZ Peters, David : Omaha, NE Pisani, Paolo, Cadiz, Spain Plantier, Jean-Marc: Aneheim, CA Pullins, Vangie : San Francisco, CA Putman, Jeff : Lake in the Hills, IL Righele, Manual : Vicenza, Italy Rightor, Micheal : San Jose, CA Robitaille, Pierre : Ontario, CA Rodhouse, Marcus : Prairie Village, KS Roseland, Dean : Washington DC Sacks, Marcia : Windycon Switzer, Scott : Sacremento, CA Tarver, Adam : Moore, OK Thielbar, Melinda : Durham, NC Thoms, Dana : no address Van Voorhis, Paul : no address Vogelsang, Brian: San Diego, CA Wang, Mian : Huntsville, AL Wendt, John : no address Wilkinson, Marilyn : Brookville, MD Workman, Kevin : San Diego, CA Wright, Matthew : Oklahoma City, OK Yap, Julian : Durham, NC