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Brotherhood Without Banners

With The Hedge Knight #1 now out, many may have noticed that nifty Brotherhood without Banners ad. The BwB, named after Lord Beric’s merry band, is the nascent fan organization that has helped bring about such wonderful events as the BwB meet (featuring GRRM!) at ConJose and again this year at TorCon. If there’s any one man—besides GRRM—who deserves to be considered the heart of the Brotherhood, it has to be Lodengarl.

Who’s he? He’s the guy who brought us that terrific interview with GRRM. He’s the fellow who’s done a lot of the legwork to organize meets like the TorCon event, help get official BwB event t-shirts made by professional artists,  and much, much more.

And hey, GRRM even knighted him at PhilCon, where he won renown as Lodengarl the Three-fisted. ;)

Lodengarl and the BwB can always be found at the Brotherhood without Banners on the A Song of Ice and Fire board, so feel free to drop by and peruse the latest discussions or even contribute (drop a mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) first, to get the registration password). You’ll definently be welcome. :) And if you want to question the man himself, you can mail him.