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Fevre Dream Comic Solicited

According to reports, Avatar’s long-awaited adaption of George R.R. Martin’s excellent vampire horror novel, Fevre Dream (US, UK), has finally be solicited in the January edition of previews. This means the first issue will be published in March, but those interested can go to their local comic book shops to request the book be ordered. Over at the Forbidden Planet website, they have a small image of what appears to be the wraparound variant cover and the regular cover which seems to be by artist Rafa Lopez. They also have a description of the book, and provide the order codes: JAN100753 and JAN100754.

The novel has been adapted by author Daniel Abraham, who has previously written the Wild Cards: Hard Call miniseries, and it looks like artist Felipe Massafera is handling the art chores. Massafera’s previous works includes Warren Ellis’s Supergod and Ignition City and Alan Moore’s Light of Thy Countenance.