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GRRM One Million

George R.R. Martin, in Ireland in advance of Octocon, has posted an update on several fronts, noting the io9 interview, the award nominations for Songs of the Dying Earth, and Pat’s Wild Cards contest.

The other piece of information in his post is something of a landmark, and we’ll leave it in his own words:

“On other fronts, got some cool news from my editors at Bantam Spectra. The mass market paperback of A GAME OF THRONES has just gone back to press for its 34th printing. Which normally would not be worthy of note—but as it happens, this new print run will push the paperback over the 1,000,000 copy mark. A lovely round number, I think.”

Congratulations to GRRM and Bantam! And bear in mind, that’s just the U.S. mass market paperbacks—many tens of thousands more have been published in the U.K., Australia, and other foreign territories.