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GRRM’s Top 10 Fantasy Films

And now the Daily Beast follows through on George R.R. Martin’s list of favorite science fiction films by posting his list of top 10 Fantasy films. A good and eclectic list, though the lack of mention of Conan the Barbarian or The Neverending Story, and relegating Excalibur to an honorable mention make me shake my head a little. Nigel Terry may have been awkward in the early part of that film, but once he’s in full-on kingly mode, his performance is wonderful. On the other hand, we have no quibble with his #1 selection.

The biggest surprise for us? Despite having “one of the worst scores ever put on film”—a fact I recall laughing about with GRRM and Parris when we were visiting the sets—Ladyhawke ranks pretty high on the list. I may have to rewatch it… with the judicious use of MUTE.