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Google Book Settlement

One of the major events going on in the literary world is the matter of just how Google Books will function with respect to the copyright of authors. A settlement agreement was put forward as a solution, but has sparked more controversy.  The Guardian reports that a major settlement with the Authors Guild of America has now been amended to exclude some 6,500 authors and publishers from it, as they have opted out of being a part of it. This means that Google Books will not be able to simply digitize and offer their works as part of the settlement agreement. Exactly how Google Books will approach these individual authors in the future is a question, but then the fate of the settlement is in itself questionable and may well be rejected by the court as it stands.

Many significant names in literature are among them: Ursula K. LeGuin, Michael Chabon, Graham Swift, Brent Easton Ellis, and Thomas Pychon to name just a few. And, to bring this into the realm of “All Sorts of Weird Stuff”, George R. R. Martin is also on the list of those who’ve opted out of the settlement, as seen on page 54 of the settlement amendment..