The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Ice and Fire Calendar News

Over at Not a Blog, GRRM posts a reminder that the 2011 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar is available, and can be bought just in time for the holidays. This beautiful calendar features art by the renowned Ted Nasmith, best known for his place as one of the “Big Three” Tolkien artists (along with John Howe and Alan Lee; like them, he was invited to help design Peter Jackson’s LotR films, but wasn’t able to do it). The calendar includes twelve full-sized depictions of famous castles and cities of the Seven Kingdoms, plus a thirteenth, double-sized bonus image. You can get a preview of some of his art here.

And to add on to the festive mood, he features a mock-up cover for next year’s 2012 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar, using one of the gorgeously-rendered art of award-winning painter John Picacio. Featuring Eddard Stark with Ice before the heart tree of Winterfell, it’s an amazing piece of work, though George notes it may not be the final cover. John later tweeted that he was working on the calendar right at that moment ... at 4:48AM. That’s dedication to his art! The calendar is due to ship in July, and is already available for preorder.