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New Jersey Monthly Interviews GRRM

George R.R. Martin may be one of the panelists at the Emmy webcast tomorrow, but if you’re eager to read an in-depth interview with him, you can’t go wrong with this very interesting interview from the New Jersey Monthly, which goes hand-in-hand with their profile of “the King of Fantasy”.

Great to hear a bit more about Martin’s early life, a bit more about the origins of the series, and some of his thoughts on the television show. Here’s a quote:

Scenes that were cut, because some of those were good scenes. Good dialogue, good bits of business, and important in some cases, and I miss them, knowing the books as well as I do, and I watch the show, and I’m like, ‘Oh, this scene is going come! Oh, they cut that scene.”

NJM: Can you give an example of one of those scenes?

GRRM: Ned’s dream, after his leg is injured, the Tower of Joy scene. That was an important scene, an atmospheric scene, which would’ve translated [to the screen] really well. It would’ve had to be done in a very stylized manner, but I miss that.