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Rest in Peace, EHK

Tom C. Wilcox, better known to many by his Internet handle of EnlightenmentHK (and variations of same—Enlightenment HK, EHK, EHK for Darwin), passed away unexpectedly on the morning of July 4th. A long-time member of the A Song of Ice and Fire fan community, Tom was well-regarded for his fierce intelligence and the fiery rants that amused, infuriated, and (of course) enlightened. He was a man of strong opinions who lived life to the fullest, stinting nothing in his pursuit of new sights and new experiences. Many of his fellow Ice and Fire fans had the pleasure of meeting him in Glasgow for the 2005 Worldcon, where he entertained all and sundry with stories about the horrors of RyanAir and the pleasures of pub crawling in diverse places. He will be sorely missed by his friends and his family.

An obituary with more information can be found here. A fundraiser to raise funds for a flower arrangement for his wake and to keep the guest book associated with his obituary permanently on the internet is being organized. More information can be found here.