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GRRM Podcasts

On top of all the other promotional endeavors that we’ve seen for A Feast for Crows, word has just arrived that Bantam Spectra is producing a series of eight podcasts by George. The first one is available today, and discusses the origins of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

iBooks on the Block

The former publisher of Wild Cards reprints and the latest entry into the series, Death Draws Five, has gone on the auction block.

A Feast for Crows Sightings

With the close releases of George’s The Ice Dragon and the paperback edition of A Feast for Crows, it’s no great surprise that the finely-tuned marketing publishing marketing machine is going all-out to capture attention. Following on the heels of ]this advertismentbeing spotted on CNN.com and this promotional interview for The Ice Dragon on YouTube, we’ve just learned that there has been at least one television spot on the History Channel promoting Feast.

If anyone’s seen the TV spot, please fill us in on the details of its content!

GRRM on YouTube

A short, three minute interview with George regarding his newly-published children’s book, The Ice Dragon, can be found on YouTube. Examples of the art by Yvonne Gilbert can be seen while GRRM discusses the genesis of the story and its meaning.

One of the first reviews of the book can be found at BookGasm, which concludes that George could have a promising career in children’s literature.

Mike S. Miller Returns

Mike S. Miller, known for his excellent turn as the artist on The Hedge Knight  (PDF), has just announced that he will be returning to work on the follow-up adaption, “The Sworn Sword”. The announcement above also includes two early designs for two familiar characters: Dunk and Egg!

The current projected release date is Spring 2007. For more information, see our earlier reports here and here.

The Sworn Sword Cometh

As revealed almost off-handedly in this post at The Pulse, the Dabel Brothers are gearing up to release their adaption of George R. R. Martin’s “The Sworn Sword” starting in Spring 2007. This news was confirmed on their own forum. More details when we get them.

In related news, DB Pro is among a number of comic publishers that have joined the newly-launched Drive Thru Comics, which offers digital downloads of a wide variety of comics. Most of DBPro’s output can be found there at present ... including The Hedge Knight graphic novel’s second edition in the easy-to-read and affordable PDF format. A preview can be found at the above link.

Limited Edition Map

Graig Kreindler is offering to produce a limited edition of his King’s Landing Map, which he produced for Meisha Merlin’s limited edition of A Clash of Kings. The limited edition will be printed on high-quality paper using archival inks. It looks like Graig doesn’t plan to make more than the total for those who express interest plus ten or so more. For an image of the map—which is gorgeous—see this image of it, even if it doesn’t do it justice.

If you’re interested in more details, or want to express your interest, check out Graig’s thread here.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with the news that Subterranean Press is now shipping copies of its limited edition, Charles Vess-illustrated A Storm of Swords to customers. Related to this, Charles Vess has posted some art and comments concerning the book. GRRM has also updated his Links section with a new interview.

Hedge Knight Hardcover

As previously reported, the recent partnership of Marvel Comics and Dabel Brothers Productions has led to quite a lot of movement in DBPro’s lines of comics. Among those of interest to fans of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” is the fact that The Hedge Knight graphic novel will be re-printed in a hardcover edition which is due to be released on December 6 (the link includes information about the release dates of quite a few of DBPro’s other excellent fantasy offerings).

Dreamsongs Available at Amazon UK

According to Amazon.co.uk, they already have Dreamsongs - GRRM: A RRetrospective in stock. This is a great collection of many of GRRM’s best short stories. You can view a list of what it contains at Subterranean Press’s page about the limited edition of this book that they published some years ago.

Parris on the Quill Awards

A special message from Parris (George’s partner, Mud Clerk, and maker of the Magic Coffee):

I wanted to let GRRM’s fans know that A Feast for Crows has been nominated for the Quill awards.

Now, the Quill award is not your average hoity- toity literary award, given by literary critics and English Lit profs. Nor is it a ‘members/peers’ award like the Hugos or the Nebulas.

Nope, the Quill award is sponsored by NBC and others:

The Quills, an initiative launched with the support of Reed Business Information, is designed to be an industry qualified "consumers choice" awards program for books, honoring the current titles readers deem most entertaining and enlightening.

You can read about the Quill awards here:


And for fans of GRRM, you can VOTE for the Quill awards here:


A Feast for Crows is eligible in 2 categories, best SF/F and for Book of the Year. There’s a lot of other categories that one can vote in as well, I was delighted to be able to vote for ‘Elizabeth Peters’ in the Mystery category, and cast my vote in several other categories as well, because, guess what, I’d actually read 3 or more of the titles in that category because they were popular titles I was able to find and enjoy in the last year.

What qualifications are needed to vote?

You need to have access to a computer with an internet connection.

That’s it, nothing else, no membership fees, no admittance to a professional organization, no having to attend soirees with literary critics and book publishers all hustling to get their titles on the ballot while devouring the last of crab puffs, just a computer with a internet connection.

Balloting ends on September 30th, so take a couple of minutes today to cruise over to:


and vote for you favorite books of the year.

Do you have a friend who first turned you on to GRRM or Peters or one of the other nominees? Why don’t you forward them this note and urge them to vote too? You have a young reader in your family who loved a YA book this year that’s on the list? Involve them by encouraging them to look at the Quills list, see if there’s other titles they should give a try since their in the same category as a beloved book.

The Quills are only in their second year of existence. If they receive a lot of attention and participation from readers that vote for the awards, they will continue, and perhaps even grow in their importance. Maybe in a few years they’ll have cash awards, a goody basket like the Oscars hand out (Although I think a goody basket for writers would consist of various forms of caffeine and chocolate, a new chair for the writing desk and a big sign that reads "GO AWAY, I’M WRITING’ and not free spa treatments, engraved iPods and Ugg boots).

So go on, do the right thing, and participate in choosing the Quill awards for 2006. You’ll be glad you did. If George wins you’ll see pictures of him in a tux accepting the award, and isn’t that enough to send your browser to:


Thanks, and as we always said in old Baltimore,

vote early! vote often!!!

DBPro Joins Marvel

Coming out of Diamond’s Retailer’s Summit following the Baltimore Comic Convention is some pretty significant news for Dabel Brothers Productions: they’ve partnered with Marvel Comics (publishers of such fine teams and characters as Captain America, Wolverine, X-Men, and Spider-Man).

Ice Dragon Contest

Pat, of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, has now announced a contest to win one of two copies of George R.R. Martin’s forthcoming illustrated, Young Adult version of The Ice Dragon. This is a classic, award-winning novella by GRRM that will make a lovely gift to a child or a fan of his work (or that of Yvonne Gilbert, who provides the lovely illustrations).

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a news update regarding the Hugo awards, a new letter from a fan in “From My Readers”, a brief discussion of the current book he’s reading in “What I’m Reading”, and a longer discussion of the beginning of the American professional footbal season in his Not a Blog.

Site & MUSH Back Up

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible sysadmin, Sparks, the whole site as well as the MUSH are now back up following the hacker intrusion on the server yesterday.

We have also taken the opportunity to upgrade to the newest release of ExpressionEngine, so if you spot anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly anywhere on the site, do let us know.