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Page references are a tricky thing in this day and age of numerous editions, including digital ones. Below, we list the editions that we use for any page references throughout the Citadel. To cross-reference with other editions, please see the excellent and exhaustive chapter listing on the wiki.

The "Dunk & Egg" novellas ("The Hedge Knight" "The Sworn Swords" and "The Mystery Knight") are not subdivided into chapters, but if you read them in another edition you can get a rough sense of where in the story the reference is from by seeing how many pages the story covers in the edition that we have used. If you are using the illustrated edition of A Knight of the Seven Kingdom, keep in mind that the illustrations will throw off the page number comparisons further.

List of Editions with Abbreviations

  • US hardcover of A Game of Thrones (I)
  • UK hardcover of A Clash of Kings (II)
  • UK hardcover of A Storm of Swords (III)
  • UK hardcover of A Feast for Crows (IV)
  • US hardcover of Dance with Dragons (V)
  • US hardcover of Legends (p. 451-532) for "The Hedge Knight" (THK)
  • UK hardcover of Legends II (p. 79-158) for "The Sworn Swords" (TSS)
  • US hardcover of Warriors (p. 649-736) for "The Mystery Knight" (TMK)
  • US hardcover of Dangerous Women for "The Princess and the Queen" (TPatQ)
  • US hardcover of Rogues for "The Rogue Prince" (TRP)
  • US hardcover of The Book of Swods for "Sons of the Dragon" (SotD)
  • US hardcover of The World of Ice and Fire (TWoIaF)