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1. About the FAQ

1.1. What do I do if I have a question that the FAQ doesn’t cover?

First of all, the FAQ will never cover everything—it will cover the Frequently Asked Questions. Secondly, the FAQ is under construction, so at the current time we know it doesn’t cover everything. Thirdly, we may have overlooked some things, and if you think that is the case you might consider reading on to find out how to contribute to the FAQ.

However, we strongly advise against mailing GRRM as a first (or even tenth) resort when you’re trying to find the answer to a question. GRRM gets a lot, and we do mean a lot, of fan mail every day, and we’d all like the next book to be out as quickly as possible, right? What we instead suggest is that your first recourse is to turn to one of the following resources: The FAQ, the A Song of Ice and Fire Forum and the So Spake Martin collection. You can also try the search engine (to search through all of Westeros) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) of Westeros.

1.2. How can I contribute to the FAQ?

For the time being, we have decided against accepting contribution to the FAQ as it has proven much too difficult to do as a communal project. However, that may change again in the future, once we have a good foundation laid to work from. Then it might be easier to tackle the big topics for which several alternative theories exist.

1.3. What do I do if I find an error in the FAQ?

If you are certain that a FAQ entry is factually incorrect (as opposed to merely disagreeing with our interpretation), please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please be as clear as possible when indicating the specific section of the FAQ which you believe is incorrect.

1.4. How do I link to/provide a mirror to this FAQ?

If you want to link to the FAQ, you can link either straight to its index page,, or to the index of the Citadel,

We do not, however, give permission for people to put up mirrors of the FAQ.