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House Baelish

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General Information

Lord Petyr Baelish’s great-grandfather was a Braavosi sellsword in the service of Lord Corbray, so when his son became a hedge knight he took the stone head of the Titan of Braavos as his sigil. Lord Baelish’s father was the smallest of small lords of a few rocky acres on the smallest of the Fingers. Lord Petyr has greatly advanced his house, winning a place as a tax collector for the crown ten years ago and swiftly rising to a place on the king’s small council as Master of Coin.

Previously, Lord Petyr had been fostered at Riverrun with Lord Tully’s son (who first named him Littlefinger) and daughters but, at the age of fifteen, was cast out after challenging Brandon Stark for Catelyn Tully’s hand and losing.

Information about House Baelish that reveals spoilers from the books.