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House Caron of Nightsong

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General Information

House Caron is an old and powerful family, taking the title of Lords of the Marches, who have long guarded the Stormlands from attacks from the Reach and Dorne. Nightsong is a strong castle that sits at the northern end of the Prince’s Pass. Their motto is, “No Song so Sweet.” The only members of the house to appear or be mentioned are the current lord of the house, Bryce Caron, Mylenda of House Caron, wife to a great-grandson of Lord Walder Frey, and Lord Pearse Caron, a harper and knight of high repute who ruled in last years of Daeron II’s reign. Ser Rollam Storm, the Bastard of Nightsong, is Lord Bryce’s half-brother by his father the late Lord Bryen.


Bryce Caron, was called the Orange as a member of King Renly’s and then King Stannis’s Rainbow Guard. Lord Caron was slain in single combat by Ser Philip Foote after the Lannister and Tyrell host fell upon King Stannis’s own army as it tried to storm King’s Landing. Although at least one Caron is still alive—Mylenda of House Caron—the house’s keep, lands, titles, and incomes were rendered forfeit by King Joffrey and given to Ser Philip as the first Lord Foote.

The Bastard of Nightsong, a knight devoted to the Warrior, remained loyal to Stannis and commanded the rearguard that allowed Stannis and the remnant of his forces to escape the Blackwater. He and other King’s Men, led by Lord Davos Seaworth, helped to save the life of Edric Storm. Ser Rolland was left to hold Dragonstone while Stannis went north.