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House Drinkwater

Arms Unknown

General Information

The only member of the house to appear is Ser Gerris Drinkwater, one of Lord Yrownood’s knights.


Ser Gerris accompanies Quentyn Martell on his mission to find and wed Daenerys Targaryen. Meeting only failure, Gerris urges Quentyn to return home, but the prince will not do so empty-handed. Ser Gerris joins Quentyn and Archibald Yronwood in Quentyn’s attempt to steal a dragon but it goes horribly wrong and Quentyn dies. Imprisoned, he and Archibald are approached by Barristan Selmy, who trusts in their skill as knights to carry out the task of freeing Darrio Naharis from the Yunkish camp where he is being held as a hostage.