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House Farwynd of the Lonely Light

Per fesse: below a black sea with crested line, a black longship, outlined against the setting sun, dark red on orange

General Information

The various branches of House Farwynd hold lands on the western shore of Great Wyk and the islets beyond. The Lonely Lights is found on one of the westernmost islets off of Great Wyk. The Farwynds are considered strange, with those of the Lonely Light considered queerest of all; they are rumored to be skinchangers who are able to turn into sea lions, walruses, and even spotted whales. The only members of the house to be mentioned are Lord Gylbert and his sons Gyles, Ygon, and Yhon


Lord Gylbert put himself forward at the kingsmoot, preaching a utopic vision of sailing west to a land of peace and plenty. His bid was rejected.