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House Florent of Brightwater

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General Information

The Florents are not one of the strongest families in the Reach, being able to call no more than 2,000 swords to their banner, but they have made ambitious marriage ties. They often boast of having a superior claim to Highgarden and the Reach than House Tyrell, and even among the Tyrells some think it may be true. The current lord of the house is Alester Florent, wed to Lady Melara of House Crane. She has given him three children, his unknighted heir Alekyne, his daughter Melessa wed to Lord Randyll Tarly, and his daughter Rhea, wed to Lord Leyton Hightower.

Lord Florent has several siblings, from Ser Axell who is castellan of Dragonstone and the dead Ser Ryam whose daughter Selyse is wed to Lord Stannis Baratheon, to Ser Colin whose daughter Delena bore King Robert’s acknowledged bastard, Edric Storm, and Rylene, wed to Ser Rychard Crane.

Information about House Florent that reveals spoilers from the books.