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House Hoare of Orkmont

Per saltire: two heavy silver chains crossing between (clockwise) a gold longship on black , a dark green pine on white, a cluster of red grapes on gold, and a black raven flying in a blue sky

General Information

Orkmont appears to be one of the smaller, if not the smallest, islands of the Iron Islands. House Hoare was that of King Qhored, who could almost truthfully say that his realm was anywhere on the western coast where men could smell the salt of the sea or hear the crashing of waves. The arms refer to this far-ranging power: the trees for Bear Island, the grapes for the Arbor, and the raven for Oldtown, all conquered by the longboats of the ironborn and bound beneath their iron chains.

Qhored’s descendants gradually lost these conquests, but the house endured until Harren the Black and his sons were burned to death in the great burning of Harrenhal by the Targaryen dragons.