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House Hornwood of Hornwood

A brown bullmoose with black antlers on orange (© RMB)

General Information

The Hornwood lands border the Bolton lands, east of Winterfell. Their motto is, “Righteous in Wrath.” Lord Halys Hornwood rules the house with his wife Lady Donella, a cousin to Lord Manderly, and his son and heir Daryn.


Lady Donella Hornwood held the castle and lands after her husband and son rode south with Robb Stark, where they both died in battle. The Bastard of Bolton forced her to marry him and then left her locked in a room to starve to death. At last report, the Hornwood castle had been occupied by Manderly men at their lord’s command, claiming it an act to protect Hornwood interests.

The succession was unclear, especially after recent events, but it seems that under normal conditions the likely choices were Lord Hornwood’s nephew Beren (second son of Lord Hornwood’s sister Berena and her husband Leobald Tallhart) and Lord Hornwood’s bastard son Larence Snow, who was a ward of Galbart Glover and thus probably a hostage of the ironborn at Deepwood Motte.

The Hornwoods are forced to do the bidding of the Boltons after these events, and Hornwood men are among Roose Bolton’s host at Winterfell.