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House Marbrand of Ashemark

A burning tree, orange on smoke

General Information

Their motto is, “Burning Bright.” The only members of the house to appear or be mentioned are Lord Damon Marbrand, Darlessa who is the widow of Ser Tygett Lannister, and Lord Damon’s heir Ser Addam, a well-liked, skilled fighter and battle commander.


Ashemark was recently captured by Robb Stark, King of the North. What became of Lord Marbrand is unknown, though it is not unlikely that he is now a prisoner. Ser Addam Marbrand has commanded Lord Tywin’s outriders and a wing of Lord Tywin’s army, both at the battle at the Green Fork and the multiple attempts to cross the Red Fork. He managed to go from the Red Fork to King’s Landing in time to win acclaim for the part he took in the battle at the Blackwater. He was then made Lord Commander of the City Watch of King’s Landing.