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House Ryswell of the Rills

A black horse's head, eyes and mane red, on bronze within a black engrailed border

General Information

The Rills are in the hilly country southwest of Torrhen’s Square. Long ago, 79 men deserted the Night’s Watch and sought sanctuary with Lord Ryswell because one of their number was his son. He captured them and returned them where they were executed one and all by being buried alive in the ice at the top of the Wall. In his dying days, Lord Ryswell took the black so that he could stand his watch next to the son that he had loved.

Ser Mark Ryswell was one of Eddard Stark’s companions to the Tower of Joy who died in the fighting there against the three Kingsguard, although he was not the lord of the house at the time.

Lady Barbrey Dustin, a Ryswell by birth, rules Barrowton following her husband’s death at the end of Robert’s rebellion. Her father rules the Rills, but has to deal with quarrelsome cousins who are petty lords and vassals. Together, the Dustins and Ryswells surprise and burn the ironborn ships on the Fever River, and they join Lord Bolton’s growing host.