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House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square

Three sentinel trees, green on brown

General Information

Torrhen’s Square is a stone castle southwest of Winterfell, near a great lake. Their motto is, “Proud and Free.” Ser Helman Tallhart is its lord, his brother Leobald Tallhart aiding him as castellan.


Leobald Tallhart held Torrhen’s Square while Ser Helman rode south with Robb Stark. For awhile he held a garrison at the Twins but was commanded by Ser Edmure Tully to Harrenhal to join Roose Bolton, who sent him and Robett Glover to attack Duskendale. Ser Helman’s heir, Benfred Tallhart, was killed by Theon Greyjoy after having been sent out to deal with his raiders.

After an attack on Torrhen’s Square from the ironborn was defeated by Ser Rodrik Cassel and levies from Winterfell, Leobald joined Ser Rodrik to try to retake Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy and his ironborn. He was killed there with Ser Rodrik and many others by the treacherous Ramsay Snow, the Bastard of the Dreadfort. He is survived by his wife, Lady Berena of House Hornwood, and his sons Brandon and Beren.

Ser Helman himself was killed on the ill-fated march on Duskendale. His 9 year old daughter, Eddara, is now Lady of Torrhen’s Square, although the keep has been captured by the ironborn.

The remaining Tallhart forces are among those gathered by the Boltons at Winterfell.