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House Tarbeck of Tarbeck Hall

A 7-pointed star, countercharged, on gyronny silver and blue

General Information

The Tarbecks had risen in rebellion against Lord Tytos Lannister in the past, such as the time that Lord Tarbeck was captured after some unruliness and his lady wife captured three Lannisters. Young Tywin Lannister counselled that Lord Tarbeck should be returned to her in three pieces, but Lord Tytos was a gentler man than his son. Later the Tarbecks rose in rebellion against Lord Tytos again, along with the Reynes, and this time Tywin had his way by putting down the rebellion with martial brilliance and ruthless effeciency, leading to the destruction of both houses. The ruins of their castles stand as mute testimony to Tywin’s justice.