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Prince Aerion Targaryen

A dragon of three heads, orange, yellow and red, breathing golden flames on black (© RMB)

General Information

Called Brightflame in his youth but remembered as the Monstrous in the histories, Aerion was the son of Prince Maekar and grandson of King Daeron II. A skilled knight but more than a little mad, Prince Aerion was extremely volatile and violent, and even had the delusion that he was in truth a dragon in human form. He was sent away to Lys for some years by his father after having wrought havoc and brought about the first trial of seven in over a hundred years following an incident with a hedge knight at a tournament in Ashford.

Aerion the Monstrous died in a final act of madness, drinking a cup of wildfire while claiming that it would turn him to his true dragon form.