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Here is Gemma Jackson, who as series production designer has an expansive role in defining the look of various locales. As she indicated in the video, this involved determining something of the cultures that produced these aesthetics, and suggests she may even have collaborated with costume designer Michele Clapton to make sure that aesthetics matched across areas of responsibility.

This particular location is the tourney ground at Shane’s Castle, where filming of the Hand’s tourney took place. Notable details include the rather rustic barrier separating the lists, as well as the rather rustic stands. Behind Jackson is the Baratheon stag on one of the banners. To her right are several other banners. One of them—seen from the reverse side—is a yellow and blue banner which we have positively identified as that of House Lefford. For reasons unknown, the pile—which in the original represents the mountainous seat of the Leffords—has been reversed. However, the sun has been retained.

The banner to the right, which seems to feature a white animal figure on orange, we believe to be the production’s rendition of House Crakehall. Rather than the brindled boar Martin describes, the heraldic design sketch we saw at the production offices had a white boar.

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