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Artisans 03: Screencap 08

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This sketch for Khal Drogo’s costume. We assume that at this stage, some of the particulars of Dothraki culture aren’t yet decided, given the curiousity of the axe that Drogo is carrying as well as his loose hair. We’ve seen that the final Dothraki look is rather closer to what’s described in the novels.

Some of the noteworthy details are the straps across his chest, something that seems to have survived in some form with other Dothraki, and the tattoos or perhaps paint that decorates his arms and shoulders. There are no references to tattooing or body painting among the Dothraki in the novels. Bear in mind, however, that actor Jason Momoa has a very noticeable traditional Hawaiian tattoo on a forearm, and that this may be incorporated into the show.

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