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Behind the Scenes 01: Screencap 24

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This is our one and only shot so far of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and, besides her, Lord Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen), better known as Littlefinger. On Sansa’s other side you can just glimpse the fact that she’s seated with her sister Arya (Maisie Williams). There are some fantastic details here, such as what seems to be a mockingbird-shaped clasp at Littlefinger’s throat, and the way that Sansa (with her hair—usually blonde—dyed auburn) looks uncannily like she could be Michelle Fairley’s daughter. The dress she wears features some embellishment, more so than we’ve seen in any gown we’ve gotten a clear glimpse of to date, particularly the applique around the neckline.

A commenter does point out that Littlefinger’s outfit is surprisingly subdued. It looks like a doublet, with what we’d suppose would be hook-and-eye fastening neatly hidden away, whereas most doublets in the Middle Ages tended to be more explicitly laced or buttoned. But if anyone should have a bit more flair, it should probably be Littlefinger, who is described as spending a good deal on his wardrobe and enjoys mixing up colors. On the other hand, the main piece of fashion that would have not been amiss was a cape, especially a half-cape as described on one or two occasions, which would perhaps help to give him a more roguish air.

Aidan Gillen doesn’t seem to be sporting the pointed goatee described in the books, but he does seem to have something of a Van Dyke going, with the mustache and what may be a small patch on his chin.

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